How to Become a Brit

Better start watching those Monty Python DVDs – they’ll be on the new British citizenship test. Now there’s a test that doesn’t sound so bad to study for!

Of course, there will be the usual politics and history questions you’d expect of this kind of test, but apparently there will also questions about music (the Beatles), gardening, and architecture. If you want to see how you’d measure up, you can take some sample questions on the Guardian website here.

Now, if there were a question about weather, well, the UK isn’t exactly known as a place to go get a tan. I do have memories of some gorgeous sunny days and the summers that I worked as a strawberry picker (picking Kentish strawberries for Wimbledon, no less) were all scorching hot. Nonetheless,  faced with a question about weather in Britain, you’d reply ‘It’s cold and wet.’ So, it was with great interest, and a certain amount of both amusement and shock,  that I read that the British government is considering running some compaigns to discourage people from going to Britain: one suggestion – “It’s cold and wet! You’ll hate it here’. The idea is to put off people thinking of immigrating to the UK. While understanding that immigration is an issue these days, it makes me a little sad to think the country would go to the lengths of actively putting people off.

But if you don’t mind (a lot of) rain, go make a cup of tea (check out this fun post about making tea on, watch Monty Python, and prune a few roses. Then fill out the application and take the test!


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