An(ne) Historical Relic

A historical, an historical, there are plenty of arguments for both should you want to look for them, and that’s not my focus here.  However, using ‘an’ today lets me make a little play on my name, so please indulge me!

Apparently I am now so old that almost no other living humans share my first name. Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but I was rather shocked to find my name on the following list: 10 Vintage Girls Names: Unique Names You Don’t Hear Anymore.

It also made me laugh. I really don’t think the name Anne (or Ann as they spell it on the list) is a name that has ever been considered ‘unique.’ Boring perhaps, yes. But unique? No. In fact it still seems to be very popular as a middle name, according to the ‘Great Middle Name Survey’ (which admits to be less than scientific in its methods). I’ve certainly met a lot of middle-name-Annes. However,  as a first name, it is currently ranked  #996 in popularity. It ranked in the top 100 from 1899-1973. I was born a lot closer to one end of that range than the other!

And on that note, here’s a link to a bunch of famous Annes (and one Annette):

Are you a middle-name-Anne?


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