A Grateful Site

Reading the news for the area where I grew up in North Kent,  I clicked on links to London news and came across an article about a rather original site. It’s a site called Thank You London and it gives people the opportunity to post thanks. You can say thank you for just about anything – to the city itself, to specific people, to no one in particular, or even the weather.

The posts are anonymous, but unlike some sites where anonymity can tend to descend into rudeness, these are pleasant expressions of gratitude. Here are some examples of posts:

“Thank you for being a home from home.”

“Thank you for the sunshine in Lincoln’s In Fields.”

“Thank you to the guy who helped me with my suitcase on the escalators at Waterloo.”

“Thank you to the Curzon Cinema for being such a great venue on a wet and cold afternoon.”

If you were to post thanks to your town, what would you say? I’d thank Sacramento (where I now live)  for having such great weather! And I’d thank the place where I grew up for being a safe and scenic place to live, but thankfully close enough to London for an easy escape to culture and excitement.


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